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Performance and scale testing of your App on Jira DC

Those who develop apps for the Atlassian Marketplace, must have come across this requirement that their apps must meet a prescribed performance and scalability criteria. Well, we also got this notice.

I started to explore, thinking where to start. And found that Atlassian has very nice documentation for conducting this exercise. In fact if you follow the guidelines religiously, you will be through without any other help.

I have written this article to share my experience. Actually, I have taken notes so that I can refer to it later for conducting similar tests. I am sure you will like it.

MacOS Contacts in Emacs

I was browsing the etc/NEWS file from the latest emacs source code and found this useful feature. Currently my work requires me to work on macOS so this is kind of essential for me to fetch contacts into Gnus. Because that is what I use for all my emails and news.

Now that it is a builtin feature, no need for any extra package for email address management and autocompletion. My online contacts book is connected to macOS contacts via CardDav and now Emacs is also connected to that.